RV Tech Mobile Services LLC

Certified - Licensed - Insured

100%  Veteran Owned Business

About Us


Our Leadership - Jay Jones, Owner

  • Started up in May 2017 and focused on mobile RV repairs only, driven by integrity, respect and honesty
  • Owned and Managed by Jay Jones, Army Veteran and full-time RV'er for past 5 years, > 40 years experience in the business sector
  •  Our owner is accessible 24/7 by phone or email, unlike the majority of our competitors
  • State Certified RV Technician - Licensed throughout Texas and Insured for $1M General Liability
  • Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) Registered RV Technician
  • Extensive Project and Commercial Management experience and credentials\in\jayjonespm


Our History and Our Mission

  • Services the greater area of Dallas/Fort Worth, with a large majority of work in Northlake, Aubrey, Denton, Sanger and Pilot Point
  • RV shipments for 2018 in US totaled 534,578 units, an increase of 18% compared to 2017, creating tremendous demand for an emerging Mobile RV Repair Services Company
  • Record explosion of demand created a lack of qualified technicians, and wait times at dealerships steadily increase from 4-12 weeks on average
  • As full-timers ourselves we could not get any competent technicians to perform manufacturer warranty work, extended warranty work nor any smaller handyman type work on any of our our 3 RVs
  • .We found that the typical mobile RV repair shop was either not certified, had let their certifications lapse and could not produce any State License nor insurance to warranty their services.


Our Specialities - What We Do

  • Mobile RV Repair on  new and used RVs coaches, fifth wheel and travel trailers.  
  • Manufacturer or Dealer Warranty Services with their written approvals
  • Extended Warranty Service claims and negotiations on our Customer's behalf
  • Insurance damage claims with full management of the claim from start to finish
  • We do what we say we do, and keep meticulous records to backup your concerns to best represent the complaint, cause and corrections implemented

Choose How to Contact Us

E-mails are usually replied by Owner within 1-2 hours

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Direct Phone Line to Owner is

  • No call centers or answering services used
  • Direct access to the Owner 24/7 for all your concerns
  • Owner will attempt to diagnose and troubleshoot your issue on the phone
  • Schedules service calls directly with the Customer according to their availability
  • Most services are rendered within 1-2 days of initial call
  • Calls are prioritized according to criticality: 1) electrical power outages, 2) AC or furnace repairs, 3) leaking plumbing, etc.

RV Tech Mobile Services LLC

1224 N Highway 377, Roanoke, Texas 76262, United States

817-751-7667 Certified - Licensed - Insured 100% Veteran Owned Business


Monday - Friday: 6am - 8pm

Saturday: by appointment (if critical needs we typically always respond) 

Sunday: closed - religious day (emergency service call only) 


Service Call Process

1.  Initial call from Customer to Owner to discuss their repair needs or services, attempt to remedy over the phone if able

2.  If unable to remedy over the phone, we create a new customer profile and intake of all customer information: location, timing for service, access, special constraints such as pets or health issues

3.  As a policy we must take prepayment of the Service Call ($85) and First Hour of Labor ($160) for total of $245, payable by credit or debit card over the phone through Digital receipt is sent to customer's email on file

4.  Calls are scheduled according to criticality in alignment with the Customer's schedule and other formerly scheduled calls

5.  Initial hour is attempt to remedy all issues, but if not at minimum the diagnosis of the issue so parts/materials can be ordered

6.  Follow-up service call once the required parts and materials are ordered and in hand.  Payments made by Customer for labor incurred at the completion of each Service Call

7.  Google photo album is uploaded for the Customer's records and reference 

Our rates for various Services

* Senior Citizen and Veteran Discounts = 10% on Labor

Additonal Information

No Job Too Big or Small


Any type of RV, camper or trailer, from pop-up, travel trailer, 5th wheel, Class A B and C motorhome, food trailer - commercial work office trailers, etc:  Repair - remodel - refurbish - manufacturer's warranty services - extended warranty services - electrical, plumbing - roofing - lighting - chassis - axle work - electric brake systems - hydraulic systems - setup and break down of trailer sites - cabinetry - flooring - digital TVs - satellites - tires/rims - trim work - insurance estimates - no job too big or too small.

New Season Arriving - Need to Winterize Conduits and Check Heating Systems


When RV owners hear the word “winterize,” it conjures up thoughts of protecting the RV plumbing system from freezing temperatures. The definition for “winterize” is to prepare something, such as a house or automobile, to withstand cold winter conditions. This is interesting because RVs are both a house and a vehicle. So, in addition to winterizing the RV plumbing system, we need to be concerned about preparing the RV’s interior, exterior, and chassis components for the harsh winter months too.

With that said, the most logical place to start is to protect the RV plumbing system from damage, since this is the number one problem RV owners face during periods of freezing temperatures. If you don’t protect the RV plumbing system, any water remaining in the water lines or tanks can freeze, expand, and break fittings and lines. This can be a very costly mistake next spring.

Our Customer Testimonials


Check out out Yelp Biz reviews and post your own if you are able....

Our Owner takes a hands-on approach to the business unlike our competitors.

Recent Big News


My Son Sean just joined the Company having extensive mechanical and maintenance experience, as well as EPA certification and years experience working on Air Conditioning units.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q:  Should I keep my grey and or black tank valves open when I am hooked up to sewer at an RV park:

A.  Absolutely not, this is one of the biggest mistakes of RV owners, and accounts for about 40% of all of our work, repairing holding tanks and their associated gate valves

Q:  Does my first year manufacturer's warranty include the sealants and membrane for my roof?

A: No it does not unfortunately.  They require the Owner to inspect their sealants every 90 days to remedy them their selves, and typically will only remedy the new RV's sealants or caulking if noted by the customer within the first 6 months.

Q:  Do we do warranty work, and is my only out of pocket the deductible?

A: Yes we do.  It depends on the situation as to whether the only cost is your deductible.  Number one the warranty company will not become involved until a certified technician comes out to your RV and diagnoses a part as being defective, this requires the Customer to prepay the service call fee for us to mobilize and spend an hour on site reviewing the issue. Then once the root cause of failure is determined by the tech, the warranty company has to determine if that part is covered or not under your warranty terms and conditions.  Once they decide then the technician has to negotiate with the warranty provider for the labor and parts pricing they will pay.  Many times they will only pay "shop time" by the book, and in some cases is much less that the actual time it takes to complete the work in the field.

Q:  What does it mean when a tech is Certified - Licensed and Insure?

A:  The State of Texas only regulates the training and examination of an RV technician's proper use of Liquid Propane Gas (LPG), and there is a yearly course where the tech must take the course, and take a test under the State's Proctor, getting a passing grade on some ~50 test questions.  All of our techs are certified.  Each RV Repair Company must have a Manager that takes the test as well and passes in order to work on RVs.  Our Owner Jay has taken this test and passed with 100% also.  Once a Company establishes a valid business entity in Texas (LLC or Corporation), they must obtain a minimum of $1 Million dollar General Liability insurance and send to the state with their Registration for a License.  If a Company has a valid entity in good standing with the state, has certified tech and manager, pays for registration with the State and provides tehir insurance, then the State will issue them a license.  Most of our competitors do not meet these requirements.